Nicole Linger | Using Positive Psychology to Overcome Anxiety

Positive psychology is a relatively new area of emotional exploration which complements and works alongside more traditional psychology in order to promote happier, healthier lifestyles. Where traditional psychology focuses on determining the source of negative thought patterns, behaviours and mental illnesses, positive Nicole Lingerpsychology works on the discovery of how to achieve and maintain inner happiness and mental well-being. As a practitioner of positive psychology, Nicole Linger uses her expertise in both her personal and her professional life. As an actress, Nicole Linger is able to put many aspects of positive psychology to work in order to maintain the high levels of confidence required to achieve roles through auditions and perform to the highest level.

Auditions and performances, even for the most professional and experienced actors, can be daunting and in some cases highly nerve-wracking. Through the use of positive psychology actors can reduce their anxiety levels significantly, enabling them to demonstrate their talent and skill to the best of their ability and create a situation where they and others around them feel strong, positive and happy. By practicing positive psychology techniques such as focusing on the aspects of the performance which will bring joy to the audience, actors can reduce their own stress levels and make that joy happen. Techniques such as visualisation, meditation, circular breathing and positive self-talk can all engender feelings of relaxation, which in turn lead to feelings of happiness and confidence which over-ride the negative, anxious feelings and enable the actor to audition or perform optimally.

By practicing positive psychology we can open up global thinking capabilities in the brain, allowing for more innovation and creativity. These techniques can be used to change the way in which we react to almost any aspect of our lives, be that an important audition which may change our career path, a way in which to handle an irrational fear, a positive change in a personal relationship and much more. Unlike traditional psychology, which focuses on coping with and overcoming negative thought patterns in order to ‘return to neutral’, positive psychology pushes things further, focusing on the pro-active pursuit of happiness in the plus-scale.

Nicole Linger works with positive psychology and advises corporate clients in relation to assessing and maximising human potential.